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We are one of Calgary's most authentic Italian restaurants.


We have something to offer everyone, whether you are looking for a romantic dinner for two, a venue for your corporate gathering or a private party, La Luna Rossa has got it all.


Our wine list is made up of many labels form around Italy selectively chosen by the owner and main chef, Benny Ricioppo. There are glasses and bottles available in all price ranges and categories.


Our cuisine can be best described as a combination of seafood, meat dishes and pastas with excellent value and flair. 

Benny Ricioppo


Born and raised in Cosenza Italy, Benny has been making delectable and mouth-watering Italian dishes for 35 years.


With the help of his two sons, Faustino and Alessandro, his daughter Diana, and his wife Teresina they bring cozy new meaning to family business.


Come Savor our delicious flavors !