La Luna Rossa Ristorante

Family Owned Since 1988

Please note: There is limited space available so we are doing reservations only. We will still be offering take-out during this time.

Thank you everyone for your continuous support throughout these challenging times!

Please Note Restrictions In Covid-19 Tab.

Local Alberta Rack of Lamb
Calamari in a Homemade Spicy Tomato Sauce
Tagliatelle Pasta with Lobster Tail in a Rosè Sauce
Homemade Crostata

About Us

La Luna Rossa is one of Calgary's longest operating authentic Italian restaurants. Since 1988 Chef Benny Ricioppo has served up exquisite culinary cuisine and projects his passion in every dish he creates. Teaching his kids Faustino, Alessandro and Diana the foundation of building a successful business, they have taken these skills to build business of their own, Azzurri Pizzeria being one of them!

We welcome you to experience the closest true Italian cuisine Calgary has to offer and join our family for a night in Italy.


We have been awarded the Ospitalita’ Italiana by the Italian Chamber of Commerce which recognizes authentic Italian restaurants abroad, ensuring their compliance with quality standards typical of the world-renowned Italian hospitality. Ospitalità Italiana awards real Italian restaurants with the “Golden Q”, the Ospitalita’ Italiana label of Quality.